Saturday, June 20, 2015

Private Label Project # 2

With FMS creating its Private Label Division in 2014, it has finally come into its own during 2015.

The successful launch of Skipper’s (2nd brand of New Beginnings) in 2014 led us to develop a private label for a client in Côte d’Ivoire (OloPam Nest). Focusing on Private Label Projects since January, it brought in three orders in quick succession from clients in Kenya (ADUA), Denmark (The Full Fifteen Africans) and Bolivia. This is for both still and sparkling wines with quantities ranging from one pallet to a 20’ container. With another three in progress to China and the USA (Africa Promise & Freedom Wines), FMS is becoming quite expert in sourcing wines for specific target markets – all within budget and deadline.
La principale raison du succès is that FMS provides a full turn-key service to you as client - choosing wine from barrel, tank or unlabelled bottles, negotiating with several wineries, providing you a quality wine at best price, and labelling these on schedule. Some clients prefer to handle their own design, while we can advise you on international design contests or using our appointed designer. All labels are printed locally using a trusted associate.

FMS verifies that cellars we propose consistently produce wine of excellent quality, rated independently. The wines can be part of the cellar’s regular range, or we can create a specific blend, style, or varietal to fit your brief. Dependant on volume, you can choose the bottle type, closure and capsule colour. Production lead time is 2 to 6 weeks. Price depends on quality, volume, varietal/s, vintage and region. We will quote you FOB Cape Town, plus handling the full logistical export process to include the CIF destination port of your choice.
La Rue Mouffetard, Paris 1954
At first we need a clear direction to establish: what styles would suit your target market, quantities (840 to 13,200 bottles), launch date, price and quality levels. This wish list is modified into a final brief once we’ve done internal market research on your chosen market. Next, we will access a wine industry B2B website to ensure that we discover and taste all the best options according to these criteria. Chosen samples will be provided free FOB Cape Town, with courier costs for your account.

Brands that we developed for Bolivia are targeted to compete directly against market leaders in their respective categories, namely sparkling wine and apple cider. The product image must compete at a specific price level, using a designated marketing strategy for your target market. We can recommend several options for US clients that require an importer to take care of regulations such as product and label compliance, importation, warehousing and distribution to various states, charging task-based fees. It includes managing the COLA and TTB process to achieve federal regulatory compliance.

FMS can request a graphic design specialist to quote on label, logo and brand name design according to your brief. Apart from essential design elements, the creation of the label is considered in terms of its market position while contextualising your brand’s story. It is a project fee-based task. Regardless of who you use as designer, FMS provides guidance with label approval on technical aspects such as mandatory items, health warnings, importer details and barcodes. FMS has connections with several trademark attorneys and can advise you on these, including foreign translation services.

Label printing is cleared when we receive the SAWIS approval certificate. Labels are printed digital, flexo or litho, depending on quality and quantity. If required, magnetic label dies has a 48-hour lead time. Label printing costs depends on size, quantity, paper and is quoted in full sets. Paper stock is dictated by the brand’s image and wine type. Lead time for design and printing ranges from 2 to 4 weeks. Branded cartons are an important marketing tool. Printing of these can be done at a nominal cost and depends on volume, design and colour. There is a once-off cost for the design stereo.

Once production or labelling is set up we can ask the relevant WOSA country market manager for advice on a launch strategy, potential clients, and creating additional media awareness. FMS could also publish an article in the Wine Marketing Services blog, add it to the FMS website and create ads for the brand on two B2B portals where FMS is registered, providing your contact details.

Due to the correct brief being critical for the wine search and label design, we will guide you on both. We don’t compromise on quality at any step along this exciting journey. With FMS providing you with a cost-effective, turn-key private label solution, you can capitalise on these synergies and expertise in place to launch your own brand, directing your own future.
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Photo credits: Thinkstock, Robert DOISNEAU, FMS & Coralie FLANDRE