Monday, November 1, 2010

FMS is 10!!

FMS is TEN years old!!

Today FMS is ten years in business, focusing continuously on exporting wines. In August we started our 3rd year membership with Global Wine & Spirits. More importantly, FMS still does business with all the clients (except one who closed down in 2009) and cellars that we started with all those years ago.

To expand at a faster pace the focus has shifted since 2008 to obtaining new clients, hence the GWS membership. Fortunately it has been successful - four sales in four months in 2009 to four new clients! Momentum has increased with new clients and cellars being added recently in rapid succession.

Thanks to Octave Clauzel a website has been designed and is being launched during November to commemorate this occasion. The website will be powered by Google Search Engine Optimisation. This puts FMS in the perfect position to not only increase visibility for itself, but also to assist our clients and suppliers – creating a small community who can draw on each other for support and advice. On the website we include links to Global Wine & Spirits for most brands in our GWS portfolio. In the Product Catalogue clients have access to detailed data for each wine, i.e. tasting notes, awards, bottle images, technical analyses, vineyards, harvesting, and wine-making. Links to those of our established clients will be listed on our contacts page.

Guess the correct name for our website and you may win six bottles of the top wines in our portfolio delivered to your doorstep!

We are eager to welcome you to join our exclusive club and are looking forward to your future support.

Join us now and raise a glass to FMS for the next ten years!!

Cheers! Chin! Santé! Gesondheid! Voorspoed! Gesundheit! Prost! Kenkō! Zdrowie!

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