Sunday, December 5, 2010



What if she said yes? No, that was not in the script. But there was no script!

Such were my thoughts when “In Search for a South African Husband” was shot. Wishful thinking though, because there may not have been a script but there certainly was a game plan and a few questions that she scribbled down before interviewing me. Yet, as a determined suitor so did I have a few surprises in store for her.

Now who is she you may ask? Let us stick with the short answer: a French girl called Anna stuck in South Africa and needing to marry within 48 hours or she will be thrown out of the country. And where do I fit in? Simple, I was just one of the hopeful guys - number 24 to be precise - who lined up as a potential husband. Finally, where does wine get into this story? Well, as I said there was no script and I had a few notes on a piece of paper…

Oh, I have some fond memories of our encounter and believe that I must have made a good-enough impression on Anna to at least get onto her shortlist. Who knows what would have happened if we had time for a glass of wine together? For the full story have a look on

To see the actual movie you will have to get a DVD, which is going to be whole lot more difficult than just clicking onto a website. Consider this as a quest - like searching for that special vintage from a renowned French Bordeaux, Burgundy or Champagne Château; or getting back into the good books of your lover…

Lastly just a warning, that interview may be very amusing but this is the only mention of wine in the entire movie!

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Brian Tristam Williams said...

Looks like it'll be in cinemas on April 29!