Tuesday, March 4, 2014

No more wasting your precious wine!

Now you can literally recapture the moment because you’re able to save those unique characteristics of your favourite wine perfectly – for up to three months!
FMS imports and distributes winesave® exclusively in Southern Africa directly to cellar doors, hotels, restaurants, wine specialist shops, but private individuals may also order a single can. winesave® is an easy-application 100% argon gas can for keeping opened wine perfectly. Each large can contains at least 100 x 1-second applications. Exclusive agencies in African countries are also available.
Winesave protects opened wine by laying a 100% pure, inert and odourless gas called argon (which is 2½ times heavier than air) across the wine's surface in the bottle, thereby protecting its complex characteristics of colour and taste - winesave® simply work. The science which validates this claim is simple: argon is both inert and heavier than air, sealing wine off from oxygen. What is unique about winesave® is the packaging – it’s so simple to use, almost like a deodorant. winesave® LINKS:- www.youtube.com/recapture_the_ moment_winesave www.youtube.com/how_to_use_winesave www.linkedin.com/winesave www.fms-wine-marketing.co.za/news www.facebook.com/winesaveZA www.decanter.com/winesave
What the experts say of winesave®:- All the top critics in the wine industry support winesave, i.a. Robert Parker Jnr., Jancis Robinson, and Philippe GUIGAL. Moreover, it is used and approved in more than 40 countries such as Australia, the USA, the UK, France, and Germany. All our current clients are happy with winesave® and re-order it regularly.
… there is a new and extremely simple product available that seems to be more effective than its predecessors for keeping wine fresh in an opened bottle. I have found it pretty good at preserving even delicate old red burgundy over a week.
Jancis Robinson OBE, Master of Wine, wine correspondent of the Financial Times.
At last an effective wine saver that really works! It just happens to be called "winesave ". I have been carrying out some tests with grand crus etc and because it is Argon and sits atop the wine I have had no problems with wines stored up to 10 days.
Greg Melick, Vigneron and International Wine Judge
I tried it on the most fragile wine in my portfolio – one that is always undrinkable the day after opening. I had a third of a bottle left over at 5pm, winesaved it then looked at it three or four days later and it was perfect. I want all my sales reps using it.
David Burkitt, Vintage & Vine
We have been using winesave® for a few months now and think it is great.
Mark Best, Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide's 2010 Chef of the Year Three-hatted Marque Restaurant
winesave® has absolutely revolutionized the way we serve wine in this restaurant. And it has totally eliminated waste for us. Wonderful.
Michelle Lynch, Lento, South Yarra, Australia.
Thank you for introducing us here at Village Roadshow to your wonderful product. With over 20 wines by the glass in our 9 locations wastage was one of our biggest issues… no longer since the introduction of winesave®. It has changed our world for the better!
Fab Nicolao, Director, Food & Beverage, Village Roadshow Cinemas, Australia
Distribution is by Globeflight couriers with delivery within two to five days. Please contact us at info@fms-wine-marketing.co.za to get yours and to ask for more information.

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