Saturday, July 26, 2014

Private Label Project

In 2012 FMS created its Private Label Project and now in 2014 we refined it according to our clients’ demands.

We are now able to provide a Private Label with only 204 bottles per wine from 16 wines, 6 regions, 8 cellars (Wine of Origin South Africa). Moreover, these are from cellars that FMS is working with since 2007, thus we can provide you wines at amazing price / quality ratios because of their support and our total volume. We have tasted all of these wines and the quality is superb.

This Private Label Project consists in supplying you with the exact wine you require from South Africa to launch your own brand. FMS sources all the main varietals from regions suited to each varietal, even Pinot Noir, including most single varietals and numerous blends. We will send samples once we have your brief, and guide you on the label design. FMS uses a digital label printer that provides labels within 1 week to exact specifications. FMS will manage the labeling task, getting approval from SAWIS and controlling labelling stock.

Minimum order quantity: 204 bottles (34 x 6 x 750ml) per wine
Pack: 6 x 750ml
Closure: screwcap  / natural cork
Bottle type: Burgundy / Claret

Advice on label size:
  1. Both front and back labels must be single units, not 2 part labels. This is to facilitate manual machines.
  2. Maximum height of label (front and back) must be 90 mm
  3. Maximum width of label (front and back) must be 105 mm
  4. The above is due to the different curves of a Burgundy or Claret / Bordeaux bottle.
  5. FMS template: Front label:  103mm H x 65mm W; Back Label: 70mm H x 70mm W. This can be changed.


  1.      Once you have confirmed your order we will verify the stock before designing the label.
  2.    The PDF of each label will be sent to SAWIS for approval before confirming the order for the labels with the printer.
  3.    You need to send us the print-ready PDF’s if you use your own design. This must still be approved by SAWIS.
  4.    Even when ordering several wines at once, we’ll label them one wine at a time according to your schedule, but still only charge you a once-off print processing fee for the whole batch.
  5.    Final label printing will be done against your firm order after label approval by SAWIS. This SAWIS approval letter will be forwarded to you.
  6.    Project turnaround time is ± 3 weeks, which includes SAWIS approval and digital printing of labels.
  7.    Link for the SAWIS (SA Wine Information Systems) label requirements which you need to comply with:

Have a look on our website 
& on Global Wine & Spirits

Most wines chosen are limited in quantity, except for those from Darling (4 wines). The other wines are mostly excess stock, so if it’s sold we’ll search for other similar wines when you’re ready to order. We are also able to source excellent sparkling wines and Cap Classique (MĂ©thode Champenoise) sparkling wines in small volumes.

With the minimum order being only 204 bottles per wine, FMS is successfully creating Private Label Wines for our clients for different target markets in various countries.

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