Saturday, December 5, 2015

Creating a legacy

How do you go about creating a legacy? Something substantial that will outlast your lifetime? You can write that book, star in a movie, sing on stage, become a sports star… While there are a myriad ways with each person having his own views according to their God-given talents, one surefire way could be to create your own successful private brand.

But similar to each of those other fields, this road also has no guarantee of success when you start out. In fact, as all successful entrepreneurs will testify to, creating a new brand is filled with trials and tribulations along every step of the way. Meaning that getting over the first hurdle does not automatically get you to the finish line. And this is actually only the gateway to get your product into the market and onto the shelves.

So why bother? Well, ask anyone who has ever achieved any degree of success. Or rather, look at the enthusiasm and confidence that emanates from them. Then most likely you’ll want something of the same. But first of all you’ll need a great desire to achieve despite all the odds stacked against you. And achieving does not always have to be about you. What about the guy who goes full out to give back from all the blessings that he’s received in life?
Just be very sure that in all instances it is incredible hard work to reach that pinnacle and you’ll need a good team to support you along the way. See building a brand as a lifelong journey – separate from yours and with a life of its own, sometimes actually much more exciting. So take time to acknowledge and celebrate each milestone achieved. Then before you know it, that little brand has grown and stands proudly on its own feet on the world stage. This is of course time to have a great party. But also the time when you should recognize in gratitude all those around you and contemplate whereto from here? Am I there yet? Is my job done yet? Where to next?

FMS has been fortunate to be part of several teams this year that created some very innovative wine brands. Each has its own distinct character, target market, purpose and vision. Let’s salute those brave men who dared to step out of their comfort zones, and in creating something unique took the bold steps to each give birth to a new international brand.

The Full Fifteen Africans Malbec 2013 – Denmark 
Africa Promise Chardonnay Sauvignon Blanc 2015 &
Africa Promise Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 2015 - USA & SA
Jacques du Mont Vinho Espumante Premium  - Bolivia, Brazil & Angola

With the wines now all dressed up and some already in the market, the next step for these brand owners and FMS as facilitator is to grow these wine brands into a legacy, introducing it into new countries with careful planning.

Photo credits: 
Incisioni Grafica Pubblicita & Jacques Germanier - Africa Promise Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 2015
Peter Rimell Photography – The Full Fifteen Africans 

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